The Future According to Web Services 3.0

From one to two and finally to 3.0, the web has reached its current level of technological expertise and know how in terms of web services. The term web 3.0 has been said to have been coined by a certain John Markoff who worked for the New York Times publication back in the year 2006. Mr. John Markoff actually used the term web 3.0 to refer what he liked to call the third generation of services tat are Internet-based and when compiled, can also comprise what one refers to as the intelligent web. To illustrate, one may picture in one’s mind images of a semantic web that is in a microformat or even a type of natural language search.

Included in this would be machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence technologies and also recommendation agents. All of these and more all emphasize some machine-facilitated sense of understanding of the different types of information which can be used to come up with more productive and meaningful – as well as highly intuitive – user experience. Other people have decided to come up with their own meaning of web 3.0 and one of them would be Nova Spivack. Spivack suggests that web services that are branded 3.0 are labeled as such because they belong to the third decade of the entire history of the World Wide Web. At that time, there will be several major complementary types of technological trends that can help reach higher levels of maturity and also include a lot of action-propelled agents.

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