The global adoption of ITIL v3 is occurring, but gradually. It is most visible in the growth of selected processes as organizations travel their ITSM journey

Forrester anticipates that many organizations will continue with ITIL® v2 to gain maturity in service delivery and incorporate targeted practices from ITIL® v3 that promise to solve pressing problems or create quick wins that enhance business value.

Forrester fielded the Q3 2009 ITIL® Adoption Online Survey to 115 IT process control stakeholders — IT and line-of-business stakeholders with an interest and familiarity in IT process controls. Survey participants came from organizations with 500-plus employees across North America (70%) , Europe (19%), Asia Pacific (9%), and the Middle East (2%). For quality assurance, respondents were required to provide contact information and answer basic questions about their firms revenue and budgets.

Only a portion of the survey results are illustrated in this document. Exact sample sizes are provided in this report on a question-by-question basis and are not guaranteed to be representative of the population. Unless otherwise noted, statistical data is intended to be used for descriptive and not inferential purposes.®_version_3_adoption_not_yet_taking/q/id/56719/t/2

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