The Governance of Information Technology

IT Governance stands for Information Technology Governance or Information Communication Technology Governance. It is a discipline under the division of Corporate Governance that concentrates on systems for Information Technology and their management of risk and its performance. The increasing interest regarding IT governance is because of the initiative compliance and also the recognition that IT projects greatly affect the performance of a particular organization and it can also easily get out of control. The concept of IT governance is about the capability of IT can longer be a black box. The typical monitoring and handling of IT management by the executives is due to the technical experiences that are limited and the complexity of IT. The decisions are given to IT professionals. The implication of IT Governance is a system wherein stakeholders and board of directors must have an input in the process of decision making. This avoids only one stakeholder to be blamed for any wrong decision. This also stops other users from protesting that the system is not performing as expected.
The broader meaning of IT governance is identifying the right decision to be made and the framework accountability to boost the pleasing behavior of IT. The institute for IT governance includes the reinforcement of mechanisms, the structure of the organization and the processes involved in ensuring that the IT of the organization maintains the goal and the strategies of the organization. There other definition of IT Governance depending on how it is used in a particular organization.

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