The Growth of the Siebel Software

The humble beginning of the Siebel systems/software is comparable to the humble beginning of the Microsoft Company.  Not a majority of businessmen on the industry thought that the Siebel software will be a good instrument towards attaining the business objective. 

When the Siebel software first hit the market, he initially hired great minds in the field of software engineering to come up with a software that will help organizations to have a method of knowing the potential behavioral pattern of the customer and how to capture correctly these patterns and behaviors of the clients. 

Thomas was envisioning of releasing a software that help automate the sales force which will allow every person in the business particularly the sales team to create a perfect analysis of the client’s behavior and have an access and able to act on a central information – collected and detailed —  about the business clients and the strength of the competitors. 

A year after the Siebel Systems was created and established, Thomas then released its initial offering – the Siebel Sales Information System – which will enable companies to provide its structure a better way of analyzing and accessing of data from all points of the organization, allowing for an easy, robust way of information access.

When the first Siebel software was released, Tom Siebel knew that he was trying to catch smoke in the hand.  Bu with Thomas’s perseverance combined with business intelligence, he was able to capture not only the market in the United States but also majority of the countries in the world.

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