The Guide to Being an Expert Help Desk Technical Support Specialist

A typical call center has a lot of different help desk departments. These could be the following: (a) help desk tech support that handles technical inquiries and resolves computer related issues and concerns; (b) billing department that handles account related inquiries and concerns such as changing of contact and payment information; (c) registrations department that takes calls from people who are interested in subscribing to a certain product or service; (d) retention and cancellation queue where subscribers who would like to cancel were given different options like discounts or a free month service just to keep their accounts; and (e) telemarketing department wherein customer service agents are tasked to call potential customers and offer products and services usually on a discounted price.

Each of these departments plays a major role in giving a different level of customer experience on every interaction. Usually, all these support queues belong to a single client or account. Say for example it is possible that AOL has all these five departments outsourced on a single call center. Same goes for Dell Computers, Sprint and Verizon Wireless. The performance of each department is carefully monitored on a regular basis to track down what is the area of concern that the client needs to focus on to. Training is one option to make the customer service agents aware of the new issues or updates about the client’s account. If help desk tech is low on quality, then revisiting the quality guidelines will definitely help in ensuring that world class customer service is being given on every call.

When talking about the call center industry, help desk technical support is always being mentioned. It is one of the pillars built as a stronghold foundation towards total customer satisfaction. The quality of every tech interaction is needed to ensure that the best possible resolution is given to customers. Here are some of the guidelines that every technical support agent should follow on every interaction:

A) Service with a smile – Greet the customer with all sincerity upon taking a live call. Mention your name so that the customer will feel at ease talking to you. Ask for the customer’s name to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Practice saying your greeting while wearing a smile on your face and it will definitely make a difference on your interaction.

B) Reassurance of help – Saying the words “How can I help you today?” is a key indicator that you are willing to listen to the customer’s issue. After verifying the concern, saying reassuring statements like “I can help you with your issue” will definitely make the customer feel that he or she made the right choice in calling technical support.

C) Active Listening – Listen carefully and write down the different keywords that the customer utters while speaking with you to better understand the problem.

D) Maximize resources – Use your tools efficiently. Give the best possible resolution on every interaction.

E) Closing remarks – Before ending the call, ask if there is any other issue that the customer may have in mind. Thank the member for calling and tell them to call you back for further assistance.

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