The Historical Background of Enterprise Mashups

The technological advancement has brought various applications into their present position today. In case of enterprise mashups technology, it acquired its recognition in the world of information technology for the past few years along with the impetus that Web 2.0 is experiencing.

Initially, enterprise mashups acquire data from various sources that include Craiglist. Enterprise mashups also combines its data from mapping services and photo services to build data visualization. As mashups continue to grow, it primarily focuses on the consumer needs. But since its growth is inevitably growing the scope of the services it provides expand not just to the consumer needs but to the interest and acceptance of enterprises that employ mashups.

Hence, organizations and enterprises gained new knowledge and they eventually realized that they can actually place their well-defined services. Such well-defined services can perform discrete fragments of business logic along with other services that are already existing. The already existing services mean internal or external services of the organization that can be utilized in providing another innovation or new and remarkable perspectives on the data.

So, enterprise mashups continue to inflate its influence among organizations and as it becomes developed techniques on how to create enterprise mashups goes along with it. Various companies are already employing enterprise mashups in creating their business models. In the US alone, real estate market employs Redfin and Zillow since both uses massive amount of real estate data from public and private sectors. And if this continues to happen, the real estate site that will be created can actually gather more data from various sources like local schools, hospitals, classified ads or job advertisements and so on and so forth.

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