The Hummingbird Ltd venturing into ECM

A lot of people would wonder why a great company such as Hummingbird Limited is going to take the risk of fusing itself with the Enterprise Content Management or more intriguing to say, why an established company like Hummingbird Ltd., would be succumbing itself into the technological concept such as ECM.  

Hummingbird Ltd formerly known as the HUMC or the HUM is an associate or an affiliate of the Open Text Corporation, a very high tech company based in Ontario, Canada, that provides companies with enterprise software solutions.  The HUM was initially established as a business focused in consultancy in the year 1984 and because of the strong presence that it manifested in the market; it became a key player in the world market.  Due to the brave diversification that Hummingbird has done, it created a name as a world leader in providing enterprise solutions.  

As Hummingbird Ltd continues to soar high as provider of software solutions, it continually expanded its horizons by venturing into generally all facets of content management.  Primary of this venture is the Enterprise Content Management of the Hummingbird Limited Corporation and as a provider of the Enterprise Content Management, Hummingbird Ltd helped its clients in the effective management of the company’s whole enterprise content and its lifecycle.

Hummingbird Ltd was able to capture the right formula on how the Enterprise Content Management should be conducted and done. The efficiency of the techniques and strategies that they have implemented helped Hummingbird Limited gain the right status that they have at the moment – as a world leader in providing both software solutions and enterprise content management.    

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