The Idea Behind CCNP Braindump

A brain dump is defined as the complete transmittal of knowledge from the brain to another storage medium.  Braindump if simply defined in the academic circle would be the writing of all the information you can remember about what you have studied. Meanwhile, in the context of CCNP braindump, it means that a student who has previously taken the CCNP certification exam shall then write as many questions as he remembers. These questions shall become study guides and shall then be distributed to others who would want to take the exam.

Is this legal? CCNP braindump is considered illegal and is not encouraged by authorities. They argue that this kind of studying is very superficial because the results of the exam do not produce a real understanding of the course at hand. There are several websites in the Internet that offer services for CCNP braindump.

The questions that they provide are the real exam questions and case studies found in CCNP exams. They also ensure 100% guarantee that a student shall pass upon practicing these questions. In case of failing the exam, the student shall have the option to refund the money back in full or exchange his money for other products. Braindump seems to be an attractive alternative for students who want in advance the questions that can possibly be asked in the CCNP certificate exam. However, this method is not a great way to proper education and learning. Wouldn t it be better if a student really earned his CCNP certificate the hard way by studying the real concepts? This is what he needs in his future IT projects.

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