The IEEE Standard for Configuration Management

The IEEE standards for Configuration Management or CM and to the management of the different software engineering projects have already been described by the standard. The guide provided by IEEE gives insight in the different factors that must be considered. For the users that apply SCM disciplines, some detailed examples and suggestions are provided by the guide. Also, there are interpretations given by the IEEE Standard for plans in Software Configuration management. The plans that is available for use in the management of the different kinds of development of computer programs and how to maintain each.  The IEEE standard is consistent with the discipline provided by the IEEE Software Engineering Body of Knowledge project. It focuses on how the different activities for Configuration Management are to be done, who is going to conduct the activities, when is it scheduled to happen, and what are the resources required to do the activities. It addresses the SCM activities over any part in the lifecycle of the product. The content of the plan of the standard describes how the required information is indicated with the use of the words required and shall.

In taking into consideration the adoption of the standard, the regulatory bodies must always be aware that there are specific information in the standard that may have existed by the other documents of IEEE standards related to the assurance of the quality, the definition and other matters concerning the plan. The purpose of any plan of the IEEE is not to revise or supersede any existing standards or application but to improve the quality of the existing IEEE standards about Configuration Management and other matters.

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