The Impact of Using an ITIL Process Mapping Demo

Process mapping provides the company with effective flowcharts that gives clear meaning to the individual operation of each department. It is an overview of how things are done in the business organization and how its services are presented and delivered to the customers. It is also expected to provide the business with ways to map and process the area which needs improvement in efficiency, reducing costs and increasing ROI. Process mapping optimizes IT-dependent business processes. 
ITIL® Process Mapping Demo must provide information on how the IT company can help the business gain dramatic improvements utilizing ITIL® process mapping.

The Demo must successfully sell decision makers on how valuable process mapping can be to the business, in ways such as:
" Achievement of goals.  To provide the business with specific program of activities through process mapping. " A snapshot of the business operation.  To provide the company a view of how actual things are done in the operation of the business.  From manufacturing, maybe, up to how the finish product is delivered to the customers. " Cross departmental view of the organization.  To let the company see through the eyes of the customer to improve customer satisfaction. " Give greater adaptability to IT operations. " Provide a fast solution to standardization of the organization. " A user friendly process mapping that guarantees easy to incorporate programs (compared to the one currently utilized). " Guarantee successful process mapping and improvement within the company and even down to the satisfied customers.
ITIL® process mapping must be able to present a top level perspective of the entire organization, with all its departments and projects considered as well. The demo must be able to satisfy the doubts and questions of the decision makers. It must also achieve the ITIL® process mapping demo objective of being able to close a registration or a contract.

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