The Impact of Visual Studio Net 2003 Enterprise Architect in Enterprise Application Development

A company needs to develop and maintain enterprise architecture in order to boost its ability to deploy technological innovations to its business processes and systems.  The Visual Studio Net 2003 Enterprise Architect application can make this corporate objective possible.  Developers using the Visual Studio Net 2003 Enterprise Architect can effectively create business models based on data and information sourced from several company databases.  This could enhance the company s ability to use relevant information needed to improve the business systems.  Aside from this modeling capability, the enterprise architect application can be used to visually create the business processes using rich media diagrams.  The visual creation of the business process can be made available through several web services so that it can be deployed through standard client browser.

Visual Studio Net 2003 Enterprise Architect can also perform complex development processes such as the building of applications framework necessary to run the whole enterprise architecture.  The program can also store data of past business practices so that it can be repeated for future use.  This ability to make architectural patterns increases efficiency because previous business rules can be repeated, eliminating the need to create new rules and business policies.  Probably the most important function of Visual Studio Net 2003 Enterprise Architect is its ability to develop integrated applications development in order to equip the enterprise in distributing the use of applications and programs within the enterprise.  These further highlight the collaborative benefits and amplify the flexibility of the program in delivering enterprise architecture development.

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