The Importance of BPM List

Managers can use BPM list to systematize the creation of a process management plan. Having a list of critical areas of concern that should be covered by the business process plan is important. This can make business process planning a lot easier.

In the first stages of BPM planning, identification of objectives and key areas of concern is critical. Managers must be able to pin point major problem areas so that appropriate process management solutions can be implemented. A list of key personnel responsible in the implementation of the process should be generated. Their tasks and the necessary tools they need should be identified. After completing this, a process map should be created integrating the data gathered during the identification process.

After generating a process map, a work flow diagram must be created which could serve as the implementing guidelines of the whole business process. BPM work flow list may include specific tasks that are needed to reach company objectives. Aside from the tasks that have been set, the methods needed to implement those tasks should be listed also and integrated in the work flow. Expected results of each work flow process should also be taken into account. These make the planning process complete. Managers by this time should carefully monitor actual implementation of the business process and should make necessary adjustments if a problem occurs. Another set of business process management list will be created for this stage which could be useful in evaluating and assessing the planned business process.

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