The Importance Of Disaster Recovery Plans

All companies are prone to threats and disasters that could hinder their day-to-day
operations or completely shut down their business.  And when an attack has happened,
disaster recovery plans are the first thing companies will turn to in times of disasters and
emergencies. Although many critics may think that creating disaster recovery plans may
be a waste of company resources, it will be more costly when a disaster has happened and
the company is not prepared to deal with it.

Creating a strategic plan to mitigate the effects of disaster should be one of the major
concerns of companies today. With threats getting bigger and bolder everyday, It is vital
for businesses to prepare an accurate plan to prevent it from happening, to control it if it
has happened, to prevent further damage and loss, and/or to prevent it from happening
again. This will surely help not just the company but also its clients, business partners,
and employees.

In designing disaster recovery plans it is very important that it is feasible and workable
enough to avoid delays and further damages. Quality plans and preparation are needed to
successfully accomplish the goals of disaster recovery. Creating shortcuts will definitely
not help at this time. Some companies have disaster recovery plans but they are not quite
sure if these plans are feasible, workable or updated. Sometimes due to its complexity,
companies tend to overlook if it can be implemented once an emergency has occurred.

All disaster recovery plans have to be continually maintained to make sure that their
procedures and guidelines are still updated.

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