The Importance of ECDL Revision Exercises

ECDL revision exercises are specific lessons allowing trainees to study set documents that need major changes or updates.  Revision exercises are major component of ECDL course because office computer programs are normally subjected to revisions and changes.  File and document revisions are valuable exercise that will enhance the abilities of ECDL trainees to spot errors in documents, spreadsheets, and databases and make the necessary changes to the materials.

In some schools and universities, there are special sessions for ECDL revision.  These sessions are called Revision Day and usually tutors or instructors are available to help the students in their tasks.  Some ECDL revision methods are simple operations which need only little document of file changes.  However, there complicated revision exercises which will test the proficiencies of student – trainees in overhauling a document, a set of files, database entries, table formulas or parameters.  A thorough knowledge of the application is needed in order to make the appropriate changes. That is why educational institutions provide tutors in case the trainees will not be able to navigate the tasks before them.

There are also resources such as books and manuals as well as electronic guide documents that teach the basics of ECDL revisions processes.  These can be made available to trainees in book or CD format and it can be purchased through the facilities of online ECDL training centers.  Grasping the essence, principles, and techniques of ECDL revisions can help students during actual exams where there are lots of exercises that require revisions and corrections.

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