The Importance of Enterprise Application Architecture

If a business wants to succeed in their industry, it must find ways to gain an edge over most competitors in their line of business. And while products or services are quite important, there are also other aspects that each company must look into.

One way by which the company can gain competitive advantage is through The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF. It provides a method by which a company can develop, plan, implement and manage its information architecture through its architecture team. TOGAF is actually modeled at four domains. TOGAF supports business architecture and application architecture. Then it also supports the data architecture and technology architecture.

The enterprise application architecture provides the map or the diagram for each of the application systems that will be used and the interaction among the application systems. And it also maps out how each application system is linked with the core business processes of the company.

This domain is quite important to make sure that appropriate application systems are implemented. As each application system is implemented an amount of investment is done. It is imperative that the company is able to leverage on it. With proper enterprise application architecture all investment on this part would be optimal and well thought out. Minimal waste will be incurred in investments for application systems. It would be reviewed and revalidated regularly so applications are always serving the main end that the company wants. They would be there to bring the company nearer to the achievement of company goals.

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