The Importance of Enterprise Architecture Management in IT Systems

If there is one thing that will make a business run smoothly, it is the aspect of enterprise architecture management. In layman’s terms, enterprise architecture is the ‘overall look’ of the company as a whole. More definitively, enterprise architecture refers to the description of the process within a business organization. Here the structure of a particular business process is also defined. Also, the core goal and the path of where the company is strategically pointing towards is clearly described.

Although there are a lot of enterprise architecture management articles which can be found online, they all essentially involve the importance of enterprise architecture management in terms of Information Technology systems. IT systems are an important part of enterprise architecture but they also involve performance management, the definition of a company’s business processes and its organizational structure.

Enterprise architecture management is important in today’s business because this is an avenue where individuals can join together to share their ideas about the business processes. For example, if there is a new business process which will be implemented, the practice of enterprise architecture management will be able to pinpoint whether the new procedure is effective or not. All in all, enterprise architecture management is a must for business owners who would like to see their company grow and prosper. The process of clearly setting up the boundaries for a business procedure, or the definition of a clear goal of where the business is going in general will help save time, money and effort   thereby benefiting the company as a whole.

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