The Importance of Enterprise Architecture Methodology

Enterprise architecture is said to involve a very extensive and careful methodology   that is, if one were to see how it could be readily applied for more dramatic success. Such a practice of enterprise architecture will also involve the development of an architecture framework that can be used to describe a series of reference architectures in the entire methodology   namely current, target and intermediate. These reference architectures are properly aligned in the enterprise architecture methodology in order to serve as the migration plan. The entire enterprise architecture methodology also includes in great detail the different but relevant structures that are all part of the entire organization   and this includes the business applications, all the data of the company and its applied technology.

This enterprise architecture methodology also has a taxonomy and an ontology that can clearly identify which particular processes a certain business performs as well as the detailed information as to how exactly these processes are to be executed. The final product of the entire enterprise architecture methodology? A set of artifacts that are graphical in nature that, when described in varying degrees, can show exactly and in complete detail how the entire business operates and which particular type of resource must be used in order to accomplish such. Only a strong enterprise architecture methodology can help provide answers to how the current architecture can provide support as well as add great value to the organization and how it can be modified so the organization is more aligned to the future it wishes to arrive at.

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