The Importance of ISTQB Glossary

Software Testing is undoubtedly a different world. Among the basic needs in understanding this new environment is to know the different terms used in it. Other terms in the common dictionary might be different with the Software Testing dictionary. Good thing there is the special glossary made by ISTQB that will define every important term used in the software testing industry.

International Software Testing Qualifications Board and their Certified Tester is now the standard for the software tester certification. Many individuals aiming to become a software tester can take the ISTQB examinations from the Foundation Level to the Expert Level. Although there are other certification bodies available, it is still ISTQB which provides the most trusted. Those who are aiming to pass the different ISTQB Certified Tester levels should also include in their study materials the ISTQB Glossary.

The ISTQB Glossary is a document with a list of different terms in the software testing environment. Each term is defined as how it is used in this domain. The ISTQB Glossary is easy to use because the terms are arranged alphabetically. Searching for a specific term with this material is fast and simple. Those who are reading books specializing in ISTQB Certified Tester should also have the ISTQB Glossary as reference.

Some books may have their glossaries at the end portion while there are other ISTQB glossaries which can be easily downloaded from the Internet. Wikipedia has a list of the different terms used in ISTQB. This can be easily copied and pasted. There are also other sources for the ISTQB Glossary. Having an ISTQB glossary copy is very easy, hassle-free, and with no cost at all.

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