The Importance of IT Enterprise Architecture

IT enterprise architecture is the technology engine or component that will drive the whole enterprise architecture forward.  It could also be considered as the technological platform from which business functions will work.  It is important to design and implement necessary IT enterprise architecture in order to improve intra-organizational coordination of the enterprise, reduce rifts and diversity, and to enhance the efficiency of the enterprise s business solutions.

Systems compatibility is another important function of the definition of IT enterprise architecture.  The enterprise can ensure that the current technological inputs being used will match future IT architecture implementation.  In this way, wastage of valuable company resources can be avoided because technological innovations will complement each other.  Redundancy or flawed technological application can certainly be avoided.  If this would be the case, the enterprise architecture can clearly set the standards for any IT development including such technology environments as hardware infrastructure, software and applications use, and business networking.  These standards are necessary in order to correctly manage the technology aspect of enterprise architecture.  It is important to note here that an effective IT enterprise architecture is dependent on the rules set by these enterprise standards.

The set-up, design, and implementation of IT enterprise architecture are vital to the overall business operations of a company.  Realization of business needs and optimization of business solutions will depend on the right technology solutions that will be deployed on an enterprise.  Through this, the enterprise can achieve its business goals as well as achieve maximum employee productivity and efficiency.

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