The Importance of ITIL problem management procedures

ITIL® problem management procedures are used by organizations to try to minimize the impact of incidents on business caused by errors within the IT infrastructure. Problem management procedure works when the ITIL® personnel seek out incident types which frequently crop up. These are then solved through identification of the original cause so that these incidents do not recur repeatedly anymore. Problem management works first through detection and then by removal of what has caused the failure.
Implementation of Problem Management
In problem management, a good course of action should be both reactive and proactive. Any effective problem management procedure must be fully equipped with the features of both Reactive and Proactive Problem Management.
In Reactive Problem Management, one is concerned with solving problems as a reaction to not just one but multiple incidents. Proactive Problem Management concentrates more on identifying then solving errors and problems before they can occur.
We can also label the procedure as being part of Reactive Problem Management if it provides permanent fixes to known errors. Another key to Reactive Problem Management is its ability to identify and configure an immediate response to the cause of the event.
Every IT manager would like to know what the future holds for plans to work out perfectly. But sadly, even with organized positive activity, a cycle of more incidents may still happen anyway. The good part is that most incidents can be controlled with use of Proactive Problem Management and its predictive analysis tools.
You know that Proactive Problem Management works if it can prevent incident recurrence, predict service failure, provide a known-error database, respond to time modules, collect data efficiently and easily, perform advance analysis, get broad and deep management perspectives, rapidly detect and anticipate impending problems, manage IT infrastructure within a service context, adapt easily by use of unique infrastructure, and maintain a diagnostic console to improve administrator productivity.


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