The Importance of Software Test to Computer Program Development

Software test is the process of determining defects and errors in the application and knowing if the functions of the program are working.  It uses an empirical approach and serves as the investigatory phase of software development.  Software testing is also a standard procedure for every applications development project.  In fact, testing the capabilities and performance of the software is a requirement before it can be commercially distributed.

There are many types of software testing.  Each testing process has its own purpose and utility.  For example, performance testing is carried out to determine if the software can run efficiently if deployed on actual IT environments.  On the other hand, functional testing is used to determine if the individual components of the software is working perfectly.

Other tests include compatibility and conformance testing, unit testing and finally software system testing.  All these tests are implemented in stages.  Normally, at every stage of development, the software will be tested by its developers.  This procedure will ensure that the software can be used by end users without experiencing software glitches and system crashes. 

There are also software tests that target specific issues such as application bug troubleshooting and addressing software security concerns.  Developers are constantly looking for software bugs so that they can create a fix for it before full deployment.  Bugs are the most common software problems that end users experience.  That is why software developers are creating patches, new versions, and updates for their program codes.  In this way, developers will be able to deliver a top caliber computer application to end users.

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