The Important Goals In Configuration Management That You Can Apply To Your Organization.

Configuration Management offers a reasonable model of service and infrastructure through identifying, maintaining, verifying and controlling the series of versions of configuration items that currently exist. Meeting the goals and objectives of configuration management is an important task to successfully implement ITIL®. But the big question is, are you meeting the goals?

What are goals of Configuration Management: * To give a precise information on configurations inside the organization and its service. * To give a reliable basis on Change Management, Problem Management, Release Management and Incident Management. * To account the configurations and other Information Technology assets inside the organization and its services. * To confirm the record on configuration in contrary to the infrastructure and fix any exceptions.

To further understand, identify and to justify ITIL® you have to break down the elements and components of configuration management:

Configuration management gives a sound model of service and infrastructure by means of controlling, verifying and maintaining the series of versions of Configuration Items (CI) that currently exist. While on the other hand, the Component of an Infrastructure or item falls under Configuration Management. CIS may differ from any size, type and complexity. It may vary from the whole system to a secondary hardware component or to a module. Therefore a Configuration Item is a component or an element of Infrastructure that is necessary to give proper services and system applications, which is essential to give the arranged service to the client.

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