The Impressive Growth in Siebel Sales

Ever since the Siebel Systems was structured and launched, it was bound to have an impressive record of sales.  The idea and concepts of Tom Siebel are paramount and highly driven.

With the current number of employees of Siebel when it merged with Oracle that totals to about 73,000 all over the world, it is no doubt that the sales are insurmountable and that it continues to grow and progress.  If we are to look at the history of revenue and sales that Siebel has earned even when it was not yet merging with Oracle, you will find the impressive figures very unbelievable. 

The all time high recorded that Siebel had was in 1995 when it earned $8 million of revenue.  This was made by intelligently shipping the Siebel Sales Enterprise software in the year 1995 where it actually made that gross revenue.  That time, the amount that it has earned has never been earned by any of the high-end companies in the United States. 

Then in 1996, it created yet another milestone in terms of revenue generated.  In the month of June when it decided to open its company to public, it has recorded a generated revenue of $39 million.  And with the turn of events, the Siebel Systems decided to acquire companies that can help boost Siebel’s standing in the business sector.  In September 1997, it acquired the Interactive Workplace Incorporation which is a leader in intranet software manufacturing and in the following month, October 1997, it acquired the Nomadic Systems Incorporated, a company which is concentrated in drugs and a leader in pharmaceutical industry. 

In that same year, with the acquisitions that were made, Siebel has generated a revenue of $120 million. 

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