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Businesses today rely more and more on information technology than ever before. 
Information systems professionals have already become experts in their chosen discipline
and are now holding high positions in most organizations.  Because of this, they are also
facing major challenges in terms of managing information systems projects that are
critically important in the overall smooth operation of the organization.  Fortunately there
are now Project Management Information System programs being offered which will
combine information technology with managerial strategies and techniques.

Getting a certificate in Project Management Information System or PMIS requires that a
person already has significant knowledge and experience of project management.  If you
are thinking of looking for a project management education as part of the Project
Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) educational
requirements for the exam, then getting a PMIS certificate is for you.  This is also a good
program for PMPs who want to have continuing education on project management.

Project management information system is also ideal for information system
professionals who are directly involved in the implementation of technology based
solutions in their organization.

This course will usually include the basic terminologies, concepts, techniques, tools, and
methods that will ensure the IS project manager of an organized and properly managed
project as contained in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).  It will
also teach the participant the proper balancing of scope, time, cost, and risk assessment. 
The techniques of integrating quality assurance with resources, purchases, and
communication will also be discussed in detail in the project management information
system course.

More advanced project management information system courses will also be included in
the course like planning, staff organization, and monitoring and controlling of each phase
of the project.  Best practices in management of information systems will be thoroughly
discussed and applied in practice.


The Project Management Institute or PMI has published many standards that are related to the certification of project management and the subject of project management itself. There are local Project Management Institute chapters that are located in several countries and Specific Interest Groups or SIG. Each program of the institute has its own unique way of helping and assisting the student to learn everything about project management. There are combination of lectures, workshops, seminars, guest speakers, role playing, case studies, simulations and practical projects that are done. The class based and the team based nature of the work will challenge the students and the people around them constantly.

The students will thrive in an environment that is academically thorough but open minded at the same time. The participants of the program have their own expertise, experiences and backgrounds that will benefit the skills of the other participants. Perspectives will lead to solutions that are imaginative and effective. The learning philosophy of the project management professionals adds a unique touch to the learning experiences of the students.

Frequently, some organizations think that the programs conducted to the needs of the business offers better solution to their main agenda. The Project Management Institute provides services to organizations for public and private sectors. The programs are available on an in-house basis for some of the countries where there is PMI. If an organization wants to build a competent project management, PMI has all the right programs that suit the organization needs and the knowledge and skills that interested participants want to develop.


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