The Intel Core 2 Duo Virtualization Capability

The Intel Core 2 Duo is among the newest processors created by Intel. It is very powerful, fast, and provides a lot of great features for users. This is considered as a breakthrough in the world of processors. Intel Core 2 Duo is not the typical processors that were available in the market for the past years. It provides better multimedia capability, energy efficiency, better performance, and great capabilities. One can do many tasks without experiencing a slow memory with Intel Core 2 Duo. More than any other features of this processor is its Intel Core 2 Duo virtualization capability.

With virtualization one can create his own virtual machine using one physical computer. Users can even create two or more virtual machines in one physical machine with virtualization. This technology is even better and widely provided for more users with the Intel Core 2 Duo virtualization capability.

With the virtualization, one can do a different kind of multitasking. He can turn his computer into several other virtual systems which all run with different operating systems and having different applications. If one would want to set up an FTP server, a Web server, and database, he would need three different physical machines. But with Intel Core 2 Duo virtualization capability, anyone can already do that in one physical machine. He can have his server, his database computer, and his games computer in one physical machine. This new Intel feature provides better usage of computer and allowing everyone to experience different OSs easily and without spending too much dollars.


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