The ISTQB Test and its Format

In every certification examination, examinees would always wonder about how the examination will go about.  Examinees are eager to know the various formats of tests that they will be encountering during the certification examination. 

Fortunately, the organization is very lax in releasing information about what sort of examination types or formats examines should expect to come out on the day of the examination itself. 

The certification exam covers a test for knowledge and skill.  It is important to note, though, that generally of the examination questions are anchored from determining and gauging the knowledge and technical capability of the examinee about the fundamental concepts on software and how to test the software.  This stage of the examination covers most part of the foundational level; whereas, the other part of the examination – the Advanced Level — is more concentrated on gauging and testing the skill of the examinee.  On the Advanced level part of the examination, there is a need for the examinee to dig more and dwell better on the practical application of the software and the rationale about testing a software. 

More usual than not, the examination is typically a multiple choice format.  A group of answer is presented to the examinee and from these choices; the examinee will have to choose the best answer among the given sets of answers. The type of exam may be something that we have all normally encountered, however, the tricky part in this is the fact that most of the answers are seemingly alike with one another. 

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