The ISTQB USA and its Origin

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB is a non-government organization that was created and established to standardize the qualification for software and system professionals and how to regulate them.  It was originally founded in November 2002 and is now officially based in Edinburgh, Belgium. 

The regulation process is being headed by a group of expert people in the field who check and validate all requirements to become certified.  The certification and regulation process involves many disciplines and require passing a series of examination. 

Due to the growing number of professionals who would like to be certified and eventually be officially declared as ISTQB passer, not only in the European region but also in the United States, an organization under the umbrella of ISTQB was developed and created.  This similar organization is called as the American Testing Board which was later named as the American Software Testing Qualifications Board or the ASTQB – the ISTQB counterpart in the USA.

The American Software Testing Qualifications Board was founded in 2003 but the name ASTQB was officially launched in the year 2005.  It was created to primarily internationalize main organization and to widen the international recognition of the certification process.  As a reliable organization, the ASTQB is formed by a group of highly skilled and experts in the area of testing software. 

Although the ASQTB is a non-profit organization, there is a specified amount that is being charged to any examiner.  The collected amount shall be used the by the organization to cover the expenses incurred in reproducing the examination materials, office and other maintenance expense. 

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