The IT Governance Institute

The Institute for Information Technology Governance was founded in the acknowledgement of the significant increase of information technology in the success of an enterprise. The success of many organizations depends on the power of Information Technology to ease the attainment of the goals of the business. In this kind of environment, the domination over IT is crucial for the management and the board members. The effectiveness of IT governance is responsible in making sure that information technology maintains the goals of the business, helps the business achieve its maximum investment in information technology, and correctly manages the opportunities and the risks related to IT. The institute offers many resources related to the governance of IT.

The Institute for Information Technology Governance survives in assisting the project leaders in all their responsibility to make sure that Information Technology is associated with the business and the value of it delivers, the performance of the business is also measured with all its resources assigned properly and risks are alleviated. The IT governance includes the structures of the organization, leadership and the processes that make sure that the information technology of the organization is maintained and it somehow extends to the objectives and the strategies of the enterprise. There is a compliance conferences sponsored by the Information Technology Governance Institute that tackle the terminologies and concepts of IT governance. The principle of IT Governance Institute is to assure the quality, and the requirements for information security of all their assets. The optimization of the available resources must be done by the management including the system application and data.

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