The IT Management Project Course

Projects requires deadline. It is a committed action that
needs to be delivered on time.  It is a temporary
undertaking with a specific objective.  Managing
project covers a project scope and plan to meet
deliverables.  There will be circumstances that within
the regular course of project operations, a shift is
made from what was original plan for reasons that
require a different approach.  Business organizations
should have creativity in solving problems or be able
to create design, to be able make the project process
go smoothly without causing panic to the rest of the
team members.

In IT project management course, participants are
taught on the tools to be used in handling project
management.  Inasmuch as project requires
management of team members, the course should
be able to develop participants on acquiring people
management skills.  These people management skills
include team building, motivation, appraisal and all
that is necessary to manage people.    A successful
project is one that is completed on time, done within
the budget, delivered within the committed scope,
and the outputs were attained based on criteria set. 
Gaining the level of customer satisfaction is
considered as criteria for success. 

Project as discussed has its conception and
termination.  IT managers must be able to determine
when a project is to start and end.  They need not be
completed if along the way, things would not turn
out good as expected.  There is a need for IT
managers to know when to terminate after having
considered the factors to end one. Attendance to
IT project management would allow them to track
project performance to come up with decisions.


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