The ITIL Prince2 Combination: Integration means Improved Organizational Performance

ITIL® or IT Infrastructure Library is a set of principles and practices designed to provide systematic management and approaches to IT environments or services.  It can be integrated into the Prince2 methodology so that major changes in company organization will not disrupt management of IT service delivery.  For example, when a company decides to implement major changes in its operation, this now becomes a full pledged project which needs the Prince2 model to ensure success.  Implementation of change will encompass every organization within the company and naturally it includes the IT service.  However, to ensure that the IT services provided to customers will not be hampered by the ongoing project, managers and project consultants should install ITIL® best practices for its IT sector. 

This may sound complicated but the scenario only describes the integration of company wide project management to existing systems of service deliveries.  The result is optimization of current operations because the company will continue its business while implementing a major overhaul of its organization.

ITIL® and Prince2 came from the same source which is the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) of United Kingdom.  These management systems have been applied to numerous organizations and its implementation has resulted to successful project and systems management.  Literatures and guidance for the integration of ITIL® and Prince2 have been provided by the OGC in its books and manuals.  Managers and project consultants can study the intricacies of integrating the two systems so that change management and efficient IT service delivery can go hand in hand in improving the performance of any organization.

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