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ITIL® Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) Full Certification Online Learning and Study Book Course – The ITIL Intermediate SOA Capability Complete 


Business industries today depend mainly on IT architects and Enterprise to create Service
Oriented Architecture or SOA job. The exact implementation will add instant value and
business flexibility. The SOA architect will help you in creating and developing a
strategy. The SOA architect is a responsible for developing and creating the design of
applications. this would include the SSO strategies and other external application and
strategies in integration.

SOA architect must know how to utilize SOA framework to make simpler existing
applications. The architect should be acquainted with integration architecture and create
scale and support. Working with the integration team is an important task of SOA
architect and must move towards the event driven enterprise. The individual must know
how to work on the application domains to utilize the tools like Business Processes

This offers services in the section of IT strategy, application architecture, integration
analysis, architecture organization, SOA and product analysis. The main responsibility of
SOA architects is to design and blueprint SOA- based solutions and architecture. The
architect produces sequencing plans, and transitions to direct the changes to SOA and
help the stakeholders in determining the importance of SOA strategies. Managing,
recruiting and leading architectural and technical project teams are just some of the job
requirements of SOA architect.

SOA architect handles an important job on managing software projects and developing
enterprise solution. Its main goal is to enhance, direct and integrate projects. Following
development process and working closely with team members especially with the project
manager is crucial in this job.

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