The Job Qualities of an Enterprise Architect

Landing on an enterprise architect job is not that easy. There are a lot of principles and concepts to be learned, skills to be developed and expertise to keep on enhancing to effectively accomplish such a critical role. At times, it is not enough to earn an Enterprise Architecture certification to earn an applicant a slot on a certain company position. Aside from the fact that there are quite a few who stands out, hiring managers and enterprise architects themselves seek certain important competencies that will help them in achieving the most coveted success in the future. Some key characteristics of enterprise architects include the following:
(a) Strategic   A great enterprise architect must have a lot of excellent ideas in mind to contribute on fulfilling the transformations needed for a company to execute business operations well. He or she must be well-balanced, recognizing the need to effectively communicate and relay brilliant thoughts into workable actions.

(b) Focused   Being goal-driven, an enterprise architect should have a clear vision of the future and where the company is heading to achieve not only short-term but long term goals as well.

(c) Enthusiastic   A passion for work and a zest for life give more reasons for an enterprise architect to work each and every day. Showing great interest towards work is accompanied by optimism and persistence, which even makes it easier for them to work their way up in reaching their objectives.

(d) Knowledgeable   Proper training is needed to carry out daily work loads and having the exposure on technologies that matter will make day to day learning a continuous cycle.


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