The Key People Behind the Prince2 Process

Prince2 is a set of processes and methodologies for project management, which has been proven effective through the years. This is the reason why more and more organizations, big or small, are following the Prince2 principles all for the successful completion of a project. These principles will not be implemented well if not for the different men and women behind the processes of Prince2, who also do special project management roles. These are some of them:

(a) Executive – the chairperson of the Project Board. He has the ultimate responsibility for the successful delivery of the project, as assisted by the Senior User and Senior Supplier. He ensures that everything is under control and that every process fulfills project objectives. (b) Senior User – one of the members of the Project Board. He sees to it that every need of the customer who will use the product will be met in terms of functionality, quality and ease of use. (c) Senior Supplier – also a member of the Project Board who is responsible for the design, development and implementation as well as operations and maintenance of project products. He also makes sure that every single thing delivered by the supplier is in good working condition. (d) Configuration Librarian – a chief custodian and keeper of all master copies of end products that were produced during the course of the project. He also maintains product’s issue log, as well as documenting project’s issues.

Indeed, a project will not be successful without the help of these talented individuals. Each and every one of them is working hard to make sure that every process done meets the standards of Prince2. Indeed, team effort keeps the flame alive in most projects.

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