The Key Steps on Becoming a Help desk Support Desktop Network Engineer

The help desk support – desktop network team is a second level support that handles installation of network software, hardware and maintenance of infrastructure such as switches, servers, firewalls and back-up systems. Network engineers are the backbone of the company’s computer infrastructure since they update the computer network and fix issue once they arise. They are also the ones responsible for network services such as file sharing, email and security. To be a help desk support desktop network engineer, keep in mind these simple steps:

Step One: Be academically prepared by studying a computer-related course in college. You can take Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or any computer / IT degrees.

Step Two: Be a student volunteer. Get a job that handles simple networking setups on your school like at the library, research center or computer laboratory. If there is no vacant slot available, you can also apply as an intern on various computer consulting firms.

Step Three: Maximize your available resources. Learn to differentiate the different operating systems and know how to use them. Read books and apply what you have learned to be more confident in handling networking issues.

Step Four: Join networking seminars and computer clubs to get updates and become an expert on the field on networking. Do some researches once in a while and share it the group so that exchanging of ideas and information will be free flowing.

Step Five: Work on your communication skills by taking grammar or speech lessons. As a network engineer, you will be interacting with people who are not as tech savvy as you are. Make them realize what you are trying to say by using simple words that can be easily understood.

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