The Lowdown on CCIE Storage Networking

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert program also includes a component on storage networking, which is a must for all professionals who want to be known in this field. The storage networking component works to bring together the different areas of Cisco, which are routing and switching, service provider, security, voice (VoIP) and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert tracks. The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert storage networking component is committed to creating storage area networking as a way of presenting itself as a core advanced technology. Putting together a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert exam for only one area is useless, so the nuances of information technology as well as the internetworking industry can benefit from a strong background in storage networking as part of the entire Cisco curriculum.

This way, Cisco can be seen as the number one overall best strategy in networking. The storage networking component simply builds on the successes that Cisco has been able to produce beforehand, which, quite incidentally, is also built on a foundation of networks. The many candidates for storage networking will also need to pass a written test that will cover the different theoretical concepts, including a hands-on exam for lab in order to demonstrate their real world skills in the system. These candidates must be able to demonstrate thorough proficiency when it comes to the devices that are used in this system, including SAN switches as well as directors, routers and management solutions. Such a certification also deals with the Cisco MDS 9000, which includes intelligent storage directors as well as fabric switches.

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