The Lowdown on Web 2.0 Application

Web 2.0 application is a type of living term which one can use in order to describe the different changes that happen to trends in the Internet realm, as well as web design and technology. These all aim to enhance one’s creativity. Apart from this, it also involves information sharing, functionality and collaboration of the entire World Wide Web. There are a lot of web 2.0 applications which have consistently led most to the development and also the evolution of most communities that are web-based in nature and also have a lot of hosted services.

Some examples of these hosted services include social networking sites, wikis, video sharing sites, folksonomies and also the very popular blogs. This term also became highly notable right after the very first conference on O’reilly Media Web 2.0 back in the year 2004. Even though such a term also suggests a newer version of the whole World Wide Web, we must also take caution when we say that it does not also pertain to any type of update on the technical specifications. Rather, these web 2.0 applications work in order to change the many ways in which software developers as well as end-users work to utilize the Web.

There are also some technology experts who say that it is their task to question whether it is true that one can try to use the term for a different but altogether meaningful way, since a lot of the technological components that compose its organic makeup – the organic makeup of web 2.0 applications, that is – have been in existence ever since the earlier days.

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