The Management Of Network

Today, many companies are investing heavily on the IT infrastructure.  With companies
having numerous computers, network management has become a very important task of
the administrator.  Network management has proven to be an efficient service that
provides applications and tools to maintain the network system in order to keep the
system running and minimize system breakdowns and downtimes. Businesses nowadays
are taking advantage of this tool to help their IT managers and network administrators in
maintaining the normal functions of networking. Without a proper procedure, network
systems can fail and this failure can drastically affect clients, business partners, potential
customers and users.

The management of network helps in keeping a smooth operation of the business
organization through identification of virus threats in the company’s computer system.
With the proper management of networks, organizations can also keep track of their
resources and allocate them properly. Aside from that, network management also aids
businesses in doing network upgrades and repairs without affecting the usual functions of
the business.

The management and network can also mean the different methods, procedures, tools,
that are needed to keep the network in operation.  The proper management of networks
involves keeping network running smoothly, identifying and spotting problems as soon as
possible, keeping track of resources in the network, keeping the network under control. 
Maintenance is also part of the management of networks.  This involves repairs,
upgrades, troubleshooting, configuring, and updating operating systems and other
network related tasks.

The management of networks is usually assigned to the network manager or the network
administrator and they are held accountable for the proper maintenance and control of the

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