The Many Facets of Software Configuration Management Tools

The building blocks of the simplest to the most complicated computer network system are its software and hardware components. These days, it is almost impossible for any type of business to survive without using computer networks and harnessing the power of the Internet to store and process data, as well as provide a means of communication. This is why configuration management has evolved from being a simple aspect of quality monitoring to the giant that it is today. There is currently a multitude of configuration management applications used by companies worldwide. Software configuration management is one such aspect and this is all about the recording of each detail involved in the updating, upgrading or modifying of a computer networks software components.  For this, software configuration management tools are used.

Software configuration management tools will help you with the following tasks. First, you will gain control of any changes made within the software. Second, you will have a detailed listing of the software version and additional components installed, if any, on the computer network. Third, you will be able to reproduce any changes in the software as it happens, so that you can easily troubleshoot the potential problem area and iron out any kinks in the modification or upgrade process. You can take your pick from a host of free and commercial tools to assist you in completing the aforementioned tasks. All in all, software configuration management tools will allow you to control the changes made within a computer network system, monitor the inaccuracies or errors when there is an upgrade, and have an efficient way of documenting the changes made.

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