The Many Functions of an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

The ISO 9001 lead auditor has a lot of duties to fulfill, and there certainly is a long list to all these things such a person needs to know! For one thing, the ISO 9001 lead auditor will need to look at the key principles of the Quality Management Systems, as well as know the definitions and guidelines of the ISO 9001 standards. This person is also in charge of interpreting the different requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and needs to know how to implement as well as manage the audit program in an effective way using a process approach.

And the list does not stop there. The ISO 9001 lead auditor will also be in charge of planning the audit and also conduct the opening meetings. He or she should also understand what will be required of him or her as the lead auditor who certainly has a lot of roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Like conducting different on-site activities of auditing, for example this person will need to learn how to conduct the audit information and maintain excellent communication with the different people involved during the auditing process.

After generating the audit findings, the ISO 9001 lead auditor will also prepare the audit conclusions, as well as conduct the meetings that will allow for the discussion of such conclusions and be in charge of the follow up auditing, if such is needed. While there certainly is a lot that one must do to become a lead auditor, it will be well worth the effort as one will surely find the challenges a refreshing one!

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