The Marks of a Network CCNA Specialist

CCNA certification is considered to be an achievement for a former apprentice in the field of IT. It is a validation of his technical capability in the special field of Cisco networking. This means he has the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-sized routed networks. A Cisco Network Associate certification is the first stage in the ladder of Cisco certifications. The certification is valid for three years but the holder may choose to update his Associate position by taking the same exam again, or he may venture to take the Professional or Specialist level exam.

A Cisco network specialist has the following basic knowledge.

He can identify the appropriate router to be used and utilizes Cisco software in a network containing multiple interconnected Cisco devices to identify addresses, protocols and connectivity status. The CCNA accreditation holder interconnects Cisco switches and routers, according to a given network design specification. He configures switches and routers to support specified list of protocols and technologies and accesses lists to control access to network devices and general network control. And a CCNA specialist verifies Cisco switches and routers and their configured network services and protocols, while operating within a specified network.

Most companies look for CCNA-certified network engineers. Network engineers with Cisco experience in enterprise networks are the most in-demand of IT engineers. A CCNA specialist would be the right technical person to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in a multi-protocol Internet network, utilizing the LAN and WAN interfaces. He would be capable of improving network performance, security and troubleshooting.
A CCNA specialist usually holds the position of a Help Desk Engineer, Field Technician, Level 1 Systems Engineer and or a Level 1 Systems integrator.

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