The Matrix of ISTQB Exam

What else would test your capabilities in claiming that you deserve to be in a certain position, say for instance a software tester? The International Software Testing Qualifications Board sets standards and criteria a software tester should have to become a certified software tester. Hence, to be able to meet the qualifications ratified by the board, an aspiring software tester should pass exams given by the board themselves.

Even training providers are entitled to give ISTQB exams as long as they are accredited by the board. To become accredited, training providers should have course materials which are aligned to the syllabus found in the ISQTB constitution.

The syllabus is organized and guided by learning objectives such as: (1) general instructional objectives, (2) list of information to teach which includes description and references (if necessary), (3) learning objectives for each knowledge area which describe cognitive learning outcome and mindset the students should have, (4) definitions of major concepts to teach which come from accepted literature and standards, and (5) a list of terms the students should instill in their mind and recollect when situation calls for it.

ISTQB exams are no ordinary exams, that’s why those who would want to take it should prepare themselves perfectly because one they get qualified and get their certification millions of opportunities are out for grabs.

ISTQB exam which is given by the world’s leading issuer of software testing qualifications will absolutely strengthen your qualities as software tester in the making because it is the mission of ISQTB to support an international qualification scheme designed for software and system testing professionals.

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