The MCDST Certification Package for the IT Professional

Any IT professional knows how important certifications and credentials are in his chosen field. Employers look at an applicant’s resume and assess his suitability for the job based on hand-son, actual experience and officially certified skills. In this industry where competition is stiff, a lucrative career is strongly dependent on the person’s measurable knowledge and talent.

For an IT professional working in the technical support industry, being a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (also known as MCDST for short) is a definite advantage. This certification from Microsoft is only awarded to individuals who are able to pass two rigorous and comprehensive core exams. These tests cover virtually everything that a technical support representative can encounter when doing desktop troubleshooting in various Microsoft Windows environments.

MCDST, as mentioned, has two core exams, labeled Exam 70-271 and Exam 70-272. Each exam costs $125, which is the price of each exam under the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program. A candidate can also pay for classroom training, Microsoft E-learning, and Microsoft Press books to help him review for his exams. These are not mandatory, but they are recommended. 

Of course, a candidate can always opt to enroll in classes and read books that are supplied by other review centers that are not under Microsoft. However, many test takers choose to pay for the supplementary help provided by Microsoft.

After passing MCDST, complementary certifications are also available. These, too, are not required, but still recommended. These certifications are “Soft Skills Certification—Help Desk Institute (HDI) CSS and HDA Certifications” and “Hardware Certification—CompTIA A+ Certification.”

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