The Meaning of Data Management CDRL Configuration Management

To understand the compound term Data Management CDRL Configuration Management, it is necessary to know what its elements mean in the first place.

Data Management, as you can tell from the name, is about managing data which is considered as an organizational resource with great value. Thus, Data Management can cover any number of sub-disciplines which are all concerned somehow with the management of data resources. Data Management may then cover the sub-disciplines of Data Architecture, Meta-data Management, Data Security, Data Quality Assurance, Data Mining, Data Movement, Data Warehousing, Database Administration, Data Modeling, Database Management System, and Data Analysis.

CDRL can be defined in three ways. It can refer to Contract Deliverables Requirement List, or Contract Data Requirement Line, or lastly Contract Data Requirements List. The first definition refers to Contract Deliverables Requirement List which is simply a roster of what are the deliverables that a certain contract is expected to produce for the customer or Buyer in the contract. Deliverables means anything that the customer or Buyer is expected to receive as part of the contract, such as the end product, reports, and documents. The second definition refers to Contract Data Requirement Line, which is another type of list that encompasses any data covering the requirements for creating a good product as part of the contract. The data can come in the form of documents or reports, for example. The last definition of Contract Data Requirements List is usually used to refer to contracts entered into by the US Government. It pertains to any data needed to be submitted as part of the acquisition process. Its subcontractor counterpart is the Subcontractor Data Requirement List or SDRL.

Configuration Management basically is about the management of changes in an automated information system, with regards to its features and aiming for quality control throughout the lifespan of the system.

Taken altogether, these different elements mean that Data Management CDRL Configuration Management refers to the management of data involved in any of the CDRL definition areas with an eye towards management of the changes in the automated information system handling the data, for as long as the automated information system exists.

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