The Meaning of Management Change

Change in the management must be an organized and systematic when it comes to the application of knowledge, resources and tools of the change. Management change must provide organizations with important processes that will help the organization in achieving their strategy in the business. Managed change is the method to change management and is made to cause the people and the organizational sides of change together that will bring about the benefits and results. Focusing on the human factors of change by way of managing the change will eventually increase the rate of implementation of the change project thus decreasing the cost of the project.


Change negotiators may identify the possible resistance, causes of the resistance, why such resistance may occur, who could possibly be the resistant, and the difficulty of the resistance by using the models for managed change in working through the project. To lessen the risks that may be brought by the resistance, change managers can develop higher learning system and communication plans that exactly manifest the needs of the object for the change. They can determine the risks of the planned change and the cost of lessening the risks.


The success of adapting to the change within an organization is as vital as it is in the real world. Organizations and the people under them are expected to encounter changing conditions that they sometimes do not have control over. The effectiveness in dealing with the change will determine how the organization will thrive. This is why changes must be managed wisely by the experts in handling change.



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