The Methodology of ITIL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a compilation of the best practices that intends to make an improvement and maintain a particular level of measuring the quality of service in the industry of information technology. ITIL® includes the structure of an IT organization and the skills required for the organization to efficiently manage all its operations. The method its uses does not rely on a specific technology and then apply to all the features of the IT organization. ITIL® is composed of seven books divided into different disciplines and each focuses on a particular topic.

The books of ITIL® are the following: Service delivery. This book talks about the processes that are required for the delivery and setting of the IT services and finds for a long term process of achieving good quality services. The second book is about service support. This book defines the procedures included in everyday maintenance and support for the activities and projects involved in the condition of the IT services. The third book is about the plan to implement service management. The book evaluates the tasks and issues involved in the planning, implementation and modification of the service management procedures within the IT organization. The fourth book is about security management which gives the details on how to plan and correctly manage the information and the IT services. The fifth is about Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure Management which covers all areas of ICT management. The sixth book talks about the business perspective. The book gives guidance and advice to help an IT administrator understand their roles and responsibilities in the IT industry. The last book is the application management. It defines how to correctly manage the applications of all IT projects.

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