The Microsoft SOA practical implementation through WCF

Many successful businesses today are rely and invest heavily on technological
advances.  They also base their applications on the SOA so they can be better
interoperate with other applications.  With the .NET distributed technologies being
used by many companies, the Windows Communication Foundation WCF will soon
become the communications standard for many applications.  If developers want to
learn more about the WCF and if they want to be pro WCF and apply its practical
implementation, they can easily search the net for this unified framework of

Being pro WCF presents the next level of distributed programming which is reliable,
secure, interoperable and secure.  The practical implementation of Microsoft’s WCF
provides the .NET framework with a means of communication on different programs
with different platforms and multiple systems.  This makes it possible for developers
to create a service-oriented application in many different styles.  Non WCR-based
applications will still be able to interoperate with WCF even though WCF will be a
new development environment with a multiple layered architecture. This makes being
pro WCF a practical Microsoft SOA implementation tool for many businesses.

The implementation of SOA in many businesses makes Microsoft’s  WCF a familiar
platform for many developers because WCF is designed with the ASP.NET
experience in mind.  SOA in the Microsoft WCF provides an easy integration and
interoperability with the company’s existing technologies and will still provide a
loose coupling.  With greater flexibility, interoperability, security and updating, WCF
will truly be the next generation of distributed programming for the practical
implementation of Microsoft SOA.  While SOA may not be new, being pro WCF
presents a new and better way of applications are developed.

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