The MIT SaaS Model: Education for All Using SaaS

SaaS or software as a service is commonly used in businesses.  Actually the core target of SaaS companies and providers are enterprises which need an open source application deployable in different locations and environments.  SaaS has provided this service and answered a particular market need.  It has contributed greatly to the success of most SaaS companies and providers offering similar technologies.

The SaaS model uses the Internet to provide computer applications to companies. This computer program is readily available anytime from any part of the globe.  A similar technology has been initiated by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT.  A SaaS type model has been launched similar to the principles of delivery and service of the SaaS model.  However, the MIT SaaS does not follow profitability goals of SaaS companies. This is because the institution primarily devotes its services for the benefit of knowledge itself.

MIT experts developed software called OpenCourseWare or OCW.  It is similar to other open source software and is also readily available using only the Internet.  Use of the SaaS-type MIT software is free and its target audience are educators, students, researchers, and distance learning institutions.  OCW mimics the principle of the SaaS model because it can be accessed through the web and instantly available to users.  It could be termed as hosted educational software where archived data and materials are stored remotely on MIT servers and it could be accessed by anyone around the globe.

The MIT SaaS shows that the technology behind SaaS can be used not just for business purposes but also for other non-profit and educational services. 

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