The More Complicated ECDL Level 3 Course

In European Computer Driving License, the advanced course is called the Level 3. Should you find yourself geared towards achieving certification in this level, you probably are aware of the fact that you should have been able to pass the European Computer Driving License certificate courses Levels 1 and 2 or, failing that, have enough relevant experience to cope.

The course content of the European Computer Driving License Level 2 Certification is quite extensive. There are different contents, themes as well as projects, and you are expected to perform quite well and show proficiency in all of them. Basically, it will cover all areas of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. To break down the skills you need to be good in Word, you should be prepared to know all the functions and tools that one can find in such a program. This includes knowing how to work with master as well as sub documents, laying out graphics and drawing, tackling collaborative editing, and such. In Excel, you should be familiar with the many advanced functions that can be used, like the financial, mathematical, logical, text and reference functions. Likewise, you need to know how to perform certain advanced formatting functions like conditional formatting, and working with advanced formulas. Additionally, you must be familiar with different data tables (with both single and double inputs), working with advanced chart features, and knowing how to deal with both auditing as well as error messages. If you know all these and more, you will surely be able to get your European Computer Driving License Level 3 Certification in no time.

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