The Need for a CCIE Boot Camp

The CCIE exams are not just your typical type of pen and paper exam. It also involves a series of lab based exams which will really test an individual s expertise when it comes to using the whole Cisco systems. This is the main reason why preparations are necessary and not just any type of preparation for that matter. One of the best ways an individual can prepare in getting CCIE certified is by means of entering into a CCIE boot camp.

The CCIE boot camp has become one of the best choices for CCIE certification preparation because it aims to accomplish much within a few days. Usually, the boot camp only lasts for a week and within that week review sessions will be held both in classroom type and simulation methods. It is a very intensive way of preparing for the CCIE exams that it may sometimes feel like one is taking the actual certification exams already.

When an individual chooses to self pace prior to the CCIE certification, he may find himself throwing in bits of minutes to review for the exam day. This is because a busy day schedule is often filled with other unrelated responsibilities which can easily make a person lose focus on reviewing. In a CCIE boot camp, the only focus is preparing for the actual exam. As a result, specialization is achieved much easier and people get enough time to cover everything they needed to learn. The CCIE boot camp eliminates the possibility of unrelated interference.

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