The Need for a CMM Inspection

When a software developers have reach the Level 3 maturity where standards for the processes of software development and maintenance are defined, introduced and documented, it becomes necessary that these processes are reviewed and tested.  It is also necessary that if there are deficiencies or weaknesses in the process, adjustments should be made.

There should be a special quality management department for building and maintaining of these standards.  One way of reviewing and testing existing processes is through inspections.  CMM inspections are considered as a development process improvement.  It is a disciplined engineering practice.  It is the practice of detecting and correcting defects in software development and controls the spreading out of these defects.  Early detection of defects reduces leakage and rework is eliminated.  The CMM inspections tend to reduce cost, development time, quality improvement, and productivity improvement.  Further, it improves the software reliability, availability, and maintainability.

It should be noted that software development involves the process of experimentation and continuous discovery of technical information.  It is at this light that CMM inspection is carried if new technologies are introduced and how these affect the development process of the software.  In the CMM, inspections there should be a close examination performed on requirements specifications, architectures, designs, code, test plans and procedures, and other artifacts relating to the software life cycle.  It is through CMM inspections that completeness and correctness are traced. 
Deliver the superior quality, have your processes inspected and move to the next level of CMM.

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